Black Silver Halloween Wedding Invitations

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For those with October weddings or looking for Halloween theme party ideas, here are five featured Halloween wedding invitation designs. These five customizable invitations to match weddings with colour themes of black and white, silver and grey, purple and black ~ getting a bit Gothic, and the modern edgy popular skulls and red hearts, tattoo / Day of the Dead type designs.

Make sure you check each shop link of the different cards to see the full range of sizes and designs, each featured designer offers.

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[/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”Gothic Halloween” description=”Flying Bats Shadow Wedding Invitations” rel=””]

gothic_halloween_wedding_flying_bats_shadow_invitationGothic Halloween Flying Bats Shadow Wedding Invitations by PineAndBerry] [/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”Gothic Victorian” description=”Spooky Black & White Wedding Invitation” rel=””]

Gothic Victorian Spooky Black & White Wedding Personalized Announcements

[/h_stab_panel][h_stab_panel title=”Gold Spider” description=”Web Swirls Save The Date Invitations” rel=””]


Gold Spider Web Swirls Save The Date Personalized Invitation by dmboyce

[/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title=”Skulls Heart” description=”dotd tattoo Wedding Invitation” rel=””]


Dotd Skulls Halloween wedding party invitations by aquachild

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Silver Grey & Black Halloween Party Theme Ideas

Halloween wedding themes are gaining popularity with a creative mix from the culture fusion styles from Gothic, Hardcore, Tattoo & Body arts, Indie – The bat placecard idea (pictured below) is a great one plus great for the budget conscious. I am totally impressed with the black and white skull wedding cake, and those flowers look very much like Frangipani.  Another idea to get that Halloween feel for your event decor : Dead branches and fake cobwebs with little butterflies or other trimmings of your dark choice


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new and popular Halloween Wedding invitations

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Create customizable party invitations for every and any occasion! Personalize both sides of this flat card for free. All the text, font style and colour are full customizable.

  • Choose from six paper types and nine colors
  • High quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on both sides
  • Each invitation comes with a white envelope

Save with bulk orders!

  • 25 – 49 invites » 10% off
  • 50 – 99 invites » 25% off
  • 100 – 249 invites » 40% off
  • 250 – 499 invites » 50% off
  • 500+ invites » 60% off

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