Bat Mitzvah & Quinceanera Pink Purple Invitations

Many exciting possibilities that can happen during that special age of ‘Tween to Teen” of around 12 years to 16 years of age. The “Coming of Age’ day are celebrated within the various cultures eg: The Bat Mitzvah, the Sweet 16, the Quinceanera – coming of age special occasion for daughters around the world.

The colour pink and purple are two very popular colours for this age group, and pink purple invitations with lots of sparkle and glitter are definitely a favourite for these young ladies (and the adults too!). These days the parties can be planned well ahead using sites like Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. It quite easy and affordable to create invitations that both the mum and daughter will like!

Check out the list below (click the black square + button) for some planning tips and resources, including a free Bar and Bat Mitzvah planning checklist. Know of any other good links that should be there? Drop a message or comment at our Facebook page.

Bat Mitzvah Planning | tips and ideas

Pink Purple Invitations | Bat Mitzvah and Quinceanera

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Pink or Purple Quinceanera and Bat Mitzvah invitations at Lemonleafprints

The team of invitation designers at Lemon Leaf Prints most definitely have a great selection of pink and purple Bat Mitzvah invitations that you are able customize the wordings, with the help of the designers there, at no extra cost.

Navy & Pink Stripes with Gold Confetti Bat Mitzvah Invitations
Glitter Purple, Silver, White Snowflakes Bat Mitzvah Invitation |
Bat Mitzvah Invitations - Pink Stripes & Gold Confetti

[wp-svg-icons icon=”redo-2″ wrap=”i”] Navy & Pink Stripes with Gold Confetti

[wp-svg-icons icon=”redo-2″ wrap=”i”]  Purple, Silver, White Snowflakes


[wp-svg-icons icon=”redo-2″ wrap=”i”]  Lilac Sparkle Star Bat Mitzvah Invitation

Hibiscus Flower Tropical Bat Mitzvah Invitation

 [wp-svg-icons icon=”redo-2″ wrap=”i”] Hibiscus Flower Tropical Bat Mitzvah Invitation

Bat Mitzvah Invitation | Purple, Gold | Flowers, Butterflies | Star of David

[wp-svg-icons icon=”redo-2″ wrap=”i”]  Purple floral with Gold Butterflies
Bat Mitzvah Invitation


[wp-svg-icons icon=”redo-2″ wrap=”i”]  Tropical Fiesta of Colors Bat Mitzvah Invitation

Star of David Shimmery Pink Bat Mitzvah Invitation

[wp-svg-icons icon=”redo-2″ wrap=”i”]  Star of David Shimmery Pink Bat Mitzvah Invitation

You can also visit our Pinterest, Bat Mitzvah Ideas board to view more purple and pink color inspiration. Here is a quick collage of purple and pink party themes that i like, and made for the post moodboard.  What is your favourite color combination when you think of pink or purple?

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  • pink-purple-mitzvah-invitations-pins-LLP-1440x680-WM1

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What is a Quinceanera Party?

One of the most important celebrations in Mexican culture is the tradition of the quinceañera. This constitutes a ceremony on a girl's fifteenth birthday to mark her passage to womanhood, to give thanks to God for his blessings, and to present a young woman to the community.  | The Quinceañera Celebration – The Changing Face of Mexico

What is the purpose of a sweet 16?

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Overview. A party to mark a teenage girl's passage to early adulthood is called a Sweet Sixteen. In some areas, a more formal event is held to welcome the girl into another stage of maturity in her life and the society. It is also often referred to as a “coming out” ceremony. 
– How to Plan a Sweet 16 Party – Beau-coup [wp-svg-icons icon=”new-tab” wrap=”i”]