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A popular design trend that never really goes out of style. The blackboard or better known Chalkboard designs style. Especially a favourite pick for wedding invitations and also baby and little kids event. Typical chalkboard usually are with white lettering on a black smudgy background. The design styles seen on Chalkboard invitations and stationery are usually more towards the Chalkboard Cafe style and not the school blackboard. Chalkboard design invitations for different occasions

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Chalkboard tutorials, DIY projects & freebies. Get creative and design!

Do you fancy yourself a little bit (or a lot!) creative, an artist and know your way around the digital arena. Thinking of designing a Chalkboard theme something from scratch?  There are a few great Chalkboard freebies around the internet, but sometimes, you just want to put that personal touch, and make it!

Plenty of places online, where  you can buy design elements to create what you envision. At the same time you will be supporting other designers whose bread and butter (product for sale) are royalty free design elements you can buy. You can use to make your invitations, business promotional material + much more.

Here are Chalkboard design elements for $5 and LESS to get you started..

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Powered by Creative Market

It's always best to check the license (terms) of each pack you intend purchase, just to be sure - especially if you are planning to resell (not personal use)


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