Flip Flops and Frangipani Beach Bat Mitzvah

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With summer approaching for some, a Beach Bat Mitzvah could be the perfect theme for the teenager. Whether it’s a beach party theme Bat Mitzvah, held indoors or outdoors.

For some it is held at home, a rented hall or a sizeable indoor venue and for those lucky enough,  living close to the beach – by the seaside – it is an actual beach Bat Mitzvah! This would be a fun Bat Mitzvah theme to organise this year.


This featured design suite is by Webgrrl and available at Lemonleafprints.  The Bat Mitzvah full suite consists of : the main Invitation (to invite to the ceremony), the Reception Invite/Announcement cards, 3 styles of Thank You cards, a response aka RSVP card – for those who want to keep it formal. I think some are opting for respond by email/phone – also saves a bit of money, as postage stamps these days have up quite a bit.


All together there are seven Bat Mitzvah products designed with this sandy beach, splashing waves with Frangipani (Plumeria) flowers and seashells  – Beach / By the Seaside Bat Mitzvah event. Some of the designs also features a cute pink and white polka dot pair of flip flops.


Click image below to see the full size
of our Beach Party inspiration Mood Board collage


Below are some more Beach theme Bat Mitzvah invitations available at Zazzle. There are not as many, compared to for example, Beach Wedding invitations or Beach Birthday Invitation.  But the great thing about invitations at Zazzle is that you can personalize the text yourself, and see the changes instantly. That means that if you like any of invitations – you can quite easily customize the invitation to suit your occasion.

There are three tabs I have made below to make it easy for you to view the top 20 most popular beach theme invitations there – to see more click on the link at the bottom of the showcase. I have also added both the results for the Beach Weddings and Beach Birthdays for you to view.

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